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Custom 20ml Keychains Tear Gas Pepper Spray Custom 20ml Keychains Tear Gas Pepper Spray

Custom 20ml Keychains Tear Gas Pepper Spray

  • CROWN-PS05


Product Description


2.Bottle size:13*12.5*11 mm


4.Effective spray time:24s

5.Composition: OC

6.A compact and portable self-defense tool designed specifically for women's safety. With a professional tone, we present a product description that highlights its features and benefits.

7.Experience peace of mind with our 20ml Keychain Anti-Wolf Spray. This small yet powerful self-defense accessory is designed to provide women with a reliable safety solution wherever they go.

8.Featuring a compact and portable design, this keychain spray can easily be attached to your keys, purse, or backpack, ensuring it is always within reach when you need it the most. Its convenient size allows for discreet carrying, making it an ideal companion for women on the move.

9.With its potent formula, this Anti-Wolf Spray acts as a powerful deterrent against potential threats. Its specially formulated contents are designed to temporarily incapacitate attackers, providing you with a precious window of opportunity to escape and seek help.

10.Our Keychain Anti-Wolf Spray is not only an effective self-defense tool but also a symbol of empowerment for women. By carrying this compact and discreet accessory, you are taking a proactive step towards your personal safety.

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