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Pre-sale Service

  Our company can provide customers with complete product introduction and product selection materials.
  The staff to provide design and consulting services, recommend products suitable for the actual needs of customers.
  Good pre-sales service is an important guarantee to ensure customers' interests. We are equipped with technicians to provide consulting services to customers before sales, and recommend products suitable for customers' actual needs, so as to avoid unnecessary losses to customers due to improper selection of products.
  Provide technical support for users, cooperate with users to select products, and provide economical and reasonable solutions.

Service In Sale

  Staff respect customers and take the initiative to serve in the process of commodity sales.
  Provide technical advice for users.
  Confirm users' needs and provide users with complete solutions.
  Timely delivery for customers according to the delivery date stipulated in the contract.

After Service

  We advocate the enterprise spirit of "dedication, teamwork and innovation", with technology development as the backing and best service for development.
  We take "enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, honesty and timeliness" as the purpose of technical support and after-sales service, and "customer first, quality first, excellent service and timely response" as our service principle.
  Through the establishment of an internal response platform with "after-reporting service center taking service management as the main body, spare parts storage as the guarantee and service hotline as the link", and an external linkage platform with the company's self-built service station and entrusted cooperative service provider Park Chong, we can provide services to customers through multiple channels to ensure the interests of customers.

  The quality of our service and the timeliness of service efficiency are related to the company's good image in the hearts of customers and the company's development prospects. Therefore, we put forward the goal of providing customers with value-added products and services, so as to enhance customers' recognition of the company and improve the company's visibility and reputation in customers' hearts.

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