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  • [Company News] How to make the bulletproof plate?
    How to make the bulletproof plate?1. Using PE as backboard, High tensile strength can against the bullet and reducing the shocking impact.2. In composite systems a ceramic plate is an important element that is fixed to a PE backing using high-performance adhesives.3. With Sponge seal to ensure comfo
  • [Company News] What’s the surface technology of bulletproof plates? Waht’s the surface technology of bulletproof plates?
    There are many types of surface technology of bulletproof plates, generally divided into two categories: polyurea coating and cloth cover.The cloth cover is a layer of waterproof fabric wrapped around the surface layer of the bulletproof plates. It has the characteristics of simple processing and lo
  • [Company News] What is the principle of bulletproof vest
    What is the principle of bulletproof vest(1) Deformation of the fabric: including the deformation of the bullet incident direction and the tensile deformation of the area near the incident point;(2) Destruction of fabrics: including fibrillation of fibers, breakage of fibers, disintegration of yarn

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