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1903 Pen Stun Gun With High Voltage 1903 Pen Stun Gun With High Voltage

1903 Pen Stun Gun With High Voltage

  • CROWN-SG10


Product Description

1.Input Voltage:5 VDC

2.Output Voltage:>100 KV

3.Current Capacity:≥1.8 A

4.Featuring a high voltage output, the Pen Stun Gun delivers a powerful electric shock that can immobilize potential threats, giving you peace of mind in any situation. Its discreet size allows for easy concealment, making it an ideal companion for both professional settings and personal use.

5.Designed with user safety in mind, this stun gun is equipped with a safety switch to prevent accidental discharge. The durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it a reliable tool for self-defense.

6.Whether you are a professional looking for an inconspicuous self-defense option or an individual seeking a reliable means of protection, the Pen Stun Gun is the perfect choice.

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